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13 September 1986
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Name: Wingedbullets
Birthday :September 13
Age: 25

About: Im a 26 year old Art student and I enjoy Oil painting above all else...well that and plush making and my new start out of love for sculpting charms and what not from Sculpey clay. Ive been drawing and painting since i was little but i found that drawing bodies is not my forte but found love in abstract art of which im very proud with. Plushing started about 6 years ago with sock dolls then evolved over the years to humans and animals made of multiple different fabrics. It sadly takes me a very long time to make plush and with larger orders or plush can take anywhere from 4 months-8 months. Its sad but im so slow because if its not for me i get very nit picky about it as I want to proved the Commissioner with only the best I have to offer. My tools of the trade are a Singer stylist 543 ( old machine is old), A wacom tablet and a Variety of oil pain brushes and some times home made canvases or store bought, toothpicks and needles for sculpey creations and the like. And MANY references from online. As well as a wide variety of music to listen to while I craft and such.

Im still a art student and have been in college now for close to 6 years and with 2 majors. General Fine arts with a focus in Painting and Theater/Drama with a focus in Voice acting. I hope to some day provide voices for animated films in Anime. Its my ultimate goal.
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